(Version français en bas) 2012 has been an excellent year for Society’s Ills so far and with summer wrapping up it’s looking like the second half of the year will be no different. Following an epic east coast tour with the East End Radicals the band is now in the...

Society’s Ills website launch

(Version français en bas) Society’s Ills has gotten their shit together long enough to bring you this Brand New Website! We figured that with myspace already having lost any sense of legitimacy it was just a matter of time before the other flavour of the month social network band profile...


We don’t have all the flyers for every single show we played, but here are some that made it


Our first video. By Bigwood.

Self-Titled album – 2011

1. State (free) 02:30 2. Kingdom of Bliss 01:37 3. No Man 02:45 4. Lost & Found 02:01 5. Thanks 00:45 6. Tequila Shots 01:47 7. One Thousand People (free) 02:19 8. Bitter Logic 01:36 9. Perpetual Motion 01:49 10. Another Day 01:59 11. Society’s Ills 02:38 12. City 01:36…

History 2

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Band Art

SOCIETY’S ILLS members are artists in many ways. Not only do they compose their own original music, but they also design their own band art. Here are some examples for you.